60-Second Shift to Positive Self-Talk

I have no shortage of negative self-talk and if I do happen to run low, I can always pull from the storehouse of mean or careless things other people have said. Or just pick up something from the bottomless pit of comparisons generated on social media. Can you relate?

Negative self-talk is easy and cheap. If you’d like a challenge, try shifting your self-talk to positive words. You really can do this. I propose you can shift from negative to positive  in a minute or less. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Notice negative self-talk. There is a pattern to it and once you recognize it, you can’t ignore it.
  2. Identify what triggers you.  I suggest using journal which will help you discover the pattern, too. Triggers are pretty consistent and you can be on the lookout or better yet put some safeguards in place (e.g. limit social media, turn off your phone, avoid toxic people, etc.)
  3. Analyze honestly. Does the self-talk have any merit? If no, good. Go to the next step. If yes, you have a choice to make. You can either accept it or choose to change it. If change is your plan, then create an action step to correct it. Be specific. What can you do to change it? When will you do it? What do you control? Be honest about what is your responsibility and what is not. Do your part and let the rest go.
  4. Replace negative self-talk with something positive and true. Think of something true and speak it out over yourself and your life. Start a list so you can refer and add to it. Repeat as needed.

Now, practice, practice, practice and this will becomes second nature.


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