Steps to Breaking Through Idea Overload

Do you ever get on a roll with great ideas? I mean you are totally inspired and the ideas are just pouring out of you? Suddenly you realize you’re completely stuck. It’s like you just raked up all the leaves in the yard and jumped in and now you’re lying there looking up at the clouds with leaves scattered everywhere. You could move but you really don’t want to. It’s easier to just roll around in all the ideas … I mean leaves. The problem is no matter how many great ideas you have, they are just that – ideas – until you take some action on them.

If you have too many ideas and either can’t decide which one to do first or where to start, you may be paralyzed by indecisiveness. Inaction due to indecision causes ideas to accumulate. Now you are in a state of overwhelm with too much to do which leads to a chronic condition known as, ‘never finished’. Ultimately, indecision steals opportunities.

Indecision >> Ideas pile up >> Too much to do >> Never finished

What do you do when you are flooded with too many ideas and find yourself stuck in perpetual indecision? You have to clear the log jam happening in your brain! Keep it simple and think small steps.

Steps to Breaking Through Idea Overload:

  1. On a blank sheet of paper, make three columns.  You can also get the free Daily Planning tool  I created to do this by clicking the ‘sign up’ button on ByDesign’s Facebook page.
  2. Start on the right-hand column and list everything rolling around in your head that has to get done – no matter if it has to be done today or just sometime in the next decade. The point is to get it on paper and so you brain can let go of it with the reassurance that it will not be forgotten.
  3. Review the list in the right-hand column and put a star next to the highest priority items and/or the ones that are due this week.
  4. Next, move over to the left-hand column and make note of important meetings, appointments, due dates, priority items or occasions for the current or upcoming week.
  5. Now with the events of the upcoming week in mind, review the to do list in the right-hand column and add 1-3 daily to do’s for each weekday in the center column and 3 for the weekend. These should be top priority items, things you have to get done, things that will have an impact on the high priority items from the right-hand column. You should not have any more than three to do’s per day in the center column and it’s ok to only have one.

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