Work Your Hitch

My grandma is 92 years old and she still lives by herself. So it’s probably not a surprise to hear that she’s very independent and strong willed. Her spiritual strength and resolve have deeply influenced my life. Ever encouraging me and giving tidbits of wisdom that transcend my life experiences. She is a voice of strength in my head.


Lately though, she is getting tired and her physical body is growing weaker. We talk openly about her upcoming promotion to be with God and how she looks forward to all the loved ones she will be reunited with. Her mom and dad, a sister lost too young, a daughter who preceded her in death. It is truly a time of transition in which she is simultaneously pulled toward this life and the next. Sometimes she seems to resolve the tension in her thoughts by using a phrase her dad used to say, “I’ve worked my hitch.”


I was thinking about that phrase and what it means to work your hitch. All the people in your sphere of influence depend on you doing your part and carrying out your mission. There are things that simply won’t be as they should if you don’t do them. God will work out His plans for certain. But will you do the part assigned to you? If you choose not to participate you will miss out, not living up to your full potential and depriving others of your contribution to their journey.


So work your hitch. It IS what you were put on earth to do.


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