3 Daily Habits for Achieving Your Goals

3 Daily Habits for Achieving Your Goals


3 years from now, If nothing changed in your life, are you OK with that?

No, it’s not ok?

The power of leveraging habits is that by pre-deciding as many things as possible, you conserve your limited willpower for important things like starting a big new project or changing careers.

Think big about where you’d like to be in 3 years, set some goals to move you in that direction and then incorporate these 3 daily habits that will help get you there:

  1. Top 3:  Before you jump into your work day, spend five minutes to write down the three most important things for you to get done today.
  2. Daily 15:  Set a timer and spend fifteen minutes working on one of your strategic goals. Just see how much you can get done. Do not spend any of the time planning but prepare a list of activities in advance so that when the timer starts, you hit the ground running.
  3. Busy Blocks:  Block off a half hour to an hour one or two times per day for doing busy work such as answering email, scheduling meetings or creating your to-do list.

Once these are established as daily habits (after about three weeks or so) then add other daily habits to increase your productivity.

If you want different results next year, what are you willing to change in what you are doing now?   (Dan Miller, http://www.48days.com)

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