Your Move

But I can’t change jobs because I am the sole provider, I carry the insurance, my spouse is against the idea, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up … Are you so focused on why you can’t that you are blind to what might be possible? I’m not saying you can just think positive or declare it into existence. No. If it is worth doing, it will involve some hard work and perseverance. The point is, we should not simply stop at the reasons why we can’t and rule it out. If we really want to make a change, I mean really want to, then there is something to work with. Once you get past all the can’t do’s, you are free to explore what you can do. But the first step comes way before that.

Before we can move in the direction of what we really want, we must decide to take 100% responsibility for our lives including our right to blame anything on anyone else. Blame and excuses must go. They just can’t coexist with progress. Even if we manage a little success in some area, if we entertain blame and excuses, we will not get far before they pull us back down like an anchor back to the bottom of the lake. This is what I would describe as the two steps forward and three steps back strategy. Doesn’t work. Are you ready to do something different?

Here is the required shift in our thinking. It is entirely our decision to stop allowing the past to control us and accept that from this day forward we will decide how to respond and what we allow to influence our decisions. Yes, there will still be circumstances we can’t control. But we can choose to focus our energy on what we do control – our attitudes, responses and choices. That’s it. That’s all we really have control over. Your move.


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