Create a Stop Doing List

How many things are you doing because you “ought to”?

I already know I have a couple. That was easy to figure out. As a matter of fact I’ve known for quite a while that I need to prune one or two activities. They are draining me to the point I dread them. The hardest part is mustering up the courage to take action. To have the conversation that might let someone down. Or admit I just can’t do it all. The truth is, the only reason I haven’t taken action is fear. I’m afraid if I let go of this thing then I might lose my place hanging out with the cool kids. I want to fit in. How mature is that?

The bottom line is I have to realign with God’s plan for me no matter what people may think or how hard it might feel in the moment. Staying involved in something for the wrong reasons will only keeping me stuck and distract me from stepping into what really matters. And I am most likely getting in the way of someone else doing their appointed work. “Ought to” is just another way of saying guilt trip and it manipulates us into doing what we do not have any business doing.

It’s time to move on … Rather than adding something to your already packed ‘to-do’ list, maybe you should ask yourself if there is anything you need to get rid of.

Take Action – Check out Michael Hyatt’s article about creating a “not-to-do-list”


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