The Power of Finding Your Why

Find Your Why … Simon Sinek made this a must-do action for tech companies, or anyone who has a product or service to offer for that matter. Most companies lead with who they are then what they do then why they do it. Starting with ‘why’ says you lead with why you do it then what you do then who you are. He argues that people when people connect with your motivation, or your ‘why’ then they want to buy what you have.

This concept translates to each of us individually. If you can get clear on your deeper why, the positive impact on your productivity and focus are amazing. Your why:

  1. Provides a filter to easily decide which activities to be involved in
  2. Makes it much easier to say no to things that do not fit your ‘why’ filter
  3. Built-in motivation without using any positive affirmations
  4. Magnetic appeal – people are naturally drawn to your clarity of purpose
  5. You will find encouragement by finding your tribe

It’s really easy to daydream about someday or create a bucket list of our big goals that gets lost in notebook. But what is the catalyst that actually moves us into action? It’s our WHY! When I got clear on why I want to do what I’m doing my focus shifted to those reasons rather than how hard it’s going to be or all the reasons why I can’t. When I actually said out loud that I want to create enough income so my husband would feel free to leave an extremely stressful job it totally changed my outlook. Suddenly, thoughts of my goals being pie in the sky or self-centered or too hard were replaced with a desire to make my ‘why’ a reality. I really want this, not just for me, but for my husband and for my family.

Take Action:  Discover your why. What would be possible if you accomplished your biggest goals? For you? For your family? For the people you want to serve? What problem would be solved?

In case you’re interested, here is Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why on You Tube


3 Replies to “The Power of Finding Your Why”

  1. This is an awesome book which servers to help either individuals , groups , teams of companies to find their WHY in their lives.

    Start With Why was a lesson for me as to how our biological brain and leadership is so closely related , this book takes one step further and gives a practical aspect to exploring our WHY in order to get fulfillment in our lives.

    Wonderful read!!

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