What If?

You are working on your big goal, and even making some progress.  Then something comes up and you get sidetracked.  Or nothing happens and fear grips you.  Another year is passing.  Now is the time to ponder some very important questions.

What happens if you do?

What does accomplishing your goal make possible?  Doing something that really matters, aligning your values with your priorities, having more energy through healthier living,  running a 5k, starting a new career, writing a book, taking a trip you’ve always dreamed about, starting a family, leaving a job you hate… What is it for you?  Get clear on what you want and describe how it looks, feels and the positive differences it makes for your future self.

Take Action:  Imagine your life three years from now.  What will be different if you achieve your goal?

What happens if you don’t?

If you give up or simply don’t do anything different then your goal will not become reality.  We don’t accidentally succeed.  What is it that won’t happen if you quit now?  Who will not get helped?  What message of encouragement will not be shared?  What memories will not be made?  What part of your future will be missed?  Another year is going to pass whether you take action or not.  Is it ok if you don’t achieve this goal?

Take action:  Imagine your life three years from now.  If nothing changes, is that ok?



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