Conquering Fear – Part 1

Did you ever stop and think about how much fear controls us? We let fear keep us from doing what we really want because of others’ opinions. On the flip side, we let fear keep us in things way past the time we want to quit or should have moved on. Why? Again, because of other people’s opinions or some twisted version of our own desire not to let others down.

Another way we let fear manipulate our lives is maybe the most common but least acknowledged. Fear of losing our identity. We are afraid of letting go of a job, position, group or friend because we are getting our identity from it, or we think we are. We are afraid to let go of the perceived benefits, being seen as in the ‘in crowd’ or thinking others are impressed by the circles we run in. Ouch! Or maybe we’re afraid of missing out? There it is. That’s the one. What if we aren’t included in all the activities, events or gossip sharing? When you stop and think about it, is it worth it? Is it worth the stress and negative effects on your life to maintain the facade?

In part 2, we will talk about pushing past the fear.


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