Why I Do Things That Scare Me

The following lines stopped me in my tracks. Am I reading this right? I should put myself in the middle of miracle by taking a risk. Not a stupid or dangerous risk, rather put myself out there and commit to trying something that scares me a little (or a lot). Something I KNOW will stretch me and I can’t pull off in my own power. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The phrase, “No pain, No gain” comes to mind. If we don’t force ourselves out of our comfort zone, we forego the experience of leaning into God and asking for help out of necessity. This is more than just getting uncomfortable, this is getting into obedience. Is it not disobedience to pass on activities that we have a deep sense of longing to do, and only choose not to because it scares us? If we are not getting into areas and actions that we can’t do without God’s help, then we are staying in the safe space of self-reliance.

“Put yourself in the middle of a miracle. Comfort is another great enemy when it comes to experiencing far more than we could ever ask or imagine in God’s plans for our lives. Sometimes I think we don’t experience miracles because we don’t take risks and put ourselves in situations where miracles are necessary. Say yes, take a risk, and watch God surprise you.”  (excerpt from a Propel Women newsletter)

Take Action:   Say yes to something you really want to do but it scares you.


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