Secret to Success

Wanna know the secret to success?  It’s really not that hard.  Are you ready?

Here it is:    STOP COMPARING!

3 ways to stop comparing:

  1. Define success for you – if you allow other people’s definition of success into your awareness, then you’re off on another rabbit trail.  It’s a path filled with discontent and resentment which ends with the realization that this is not where you wanted to be anyway. Do yourself a favor and plan a course then stay on it.
  2. Put on blinders – choose 1 book, 1 podcast, 1 plan of action and put everything else away for later. Don’t even look at the other stuff for some predefined number of weeks or until the goal is complete.
  3. Celebrate your success – count your blessings, notice everything that is right with your life. Start where you are.

Take Action:  Make a list of everything that is right with your life.


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