The Hardest Crowd To Please

The hardest crowd to please or succeed in is the one you’re closest to, normally your family, the people you live with or spend the most time with. These are the ones who see the worst moods, frustrations, and outbursts. Sometimes they even remind you of your shortcomings long after the fact. “You’re never happy. You’re so mean or impatient. You complain about everything.” These words echo in the recesses of your mind when you’re reaching for your big goals. These precious ones don’t mean to tear you down. We all utter careless words with no ill intention. But the fact is, once they’re out there, you can’t control how they land or how long they live on in someone else’s head. Use caution!

Then there are the voices in your head. These are an amalgamation of the words of others, your own false beliefs along with a blend of everything else you let into your brain. One of the biggest contributors is your brain’s built-in resistance to change. The bigger and more important the goal, the louder the voices of discouragement, pulling you back down into despair with hopes of driving you back into inactivity. The voice says some version of, “You’re not worthy, or capable, or qualified or ready to do big things.”

Don’t believe me? Try something big. Something that scares you and then get ready for the rumble in your head!

Take action:  Have your truth punch ready when you act on your goals to knock out the lies and negative words as they come against you. Your truth punch is just a simple statement of fact about what you can and will do toward accomplishing your goals. Keep practicing your truth punch and the muscle will get stronger and move faster the more you use it.

Love and peace to you,


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