How Can 20 Seconds Change Your Life?

Does this sound familiar?

Turn on my computer.

Get my coffee.

Kickoff the daily email battle for zero inbox

Review the to-do list and the day begins

… you get the idea and it probably sounds familiar.

One of the most dangerous things we do every day is just coast.  We get into our routines and just go through the motions, avoiding change like its the flu.  Case in point:  Do you even remember driving to work today?

The danger is when we let weeks, months and years of this way of living by habit go by.

The danger of getting too addicted to your habits happens when you least expect. Out of the blue, cuz that’s how life actually happens, someone threatens your beloved routine. You’re in a heated conversation with your teenager and learning that they were supposed to bring their new calculator to math today but neglected to mention it before it was 30 minutes until it was needed. Now you’re running late and it happens. Without thought,  you say something hurtful to your teen about being so irresponsible. And there it is,  hanging over you like a rain cloud for the rest of the day. You know they were at fault. But even throughout the night, you wake up with those words ringing in your head.

Now is your moment.

20 seconds of extreme courage can change your life and your legacy.

You have a decision to make. If you are willing to swallow your pride, apologize and speak the truth in love to your teen, it may just change the course of your life and legacy. Think about it. Left unsaid, your teen has no choice but to absorb your words. Yes, the heat of the moment cools (until the next time) but the words are planted.

I don’t know why it is so hard to go back and say sorry and replace your angry words with kind ones, but it is. Just look at the mess our world is in because of stubborn words that people stand on to spite themselves rather than admit there might be a better way or extending respect to listen to another perspective.

Take action:  Muster up 20 seconds of extreme courage and speak the words you always wished you would get a chance to say to your loved one.

Try it. I dare you. I beg you.

Peace to you,


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2 Replies to “How Can 20 Seconds Change Your Life?”

  1. I love this and I pray that I’m able to do it. But what if , what if, the ones that need to hear those 20 seconds of courage, we simply don’t have it in us to speak them. What if, our love for them has diminished enough that we don’t even want to say them. What if?


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