Just Don’t Do It!

Just Don’t Do It!

If I’m honest, I fight a battle every day to focus on the most important things. At the end of many days, I wonder if I accomplished enough. Not because I didn’t but because my plan was not clear enough at the start of the day. It all boils down to focus and focus requires first clarify my priorities. It also requires clearing out non-priorities.

I’m on a mission to get super clear on what really matters.
This says it all:  “Getting clarity about what really matters provides clarity about what doesn’t”

I can’t stop thinking about this quote my coach shared with me last week:  “Saying yes will get you out of Egypt. Saying no will get you to the promised land.”

Lately, I’ve let myself get so busy I have not stopped to evaluate everything filling up my calendar. Can you relate?
Then, this morning’s email brings an interesting question, “If you could wave a magic wand over your life and remove something, what would it be?”
Think about it. Let’s take an inventory of what fills up our days lately. Do these activities match what we would have chosen if we gave it some thought? If not, it’s time to take out the red pen and make some edits!
Can you think of even one thing you can remove from your plate and are you willing to do it?
Take action:
What are you letting go of in 2018 to allow space for new beginnings and growth in 2019?


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