Be Thankful For the Hard Stuff

It’s pretty easy to make a list of what we are thankful for isn’t it? Home, family, friends, job, food …

What about when bad things happen? Difficult people, difficult seasons. Life gets pretty raw sometimes. Are you thankful for that? You should be. Before you smack me, hear me out.

When you look back over your life and the experiences you’ve had, what do you remember? More often than not it’s the hard stuff. Those are the times when your family pulled together or surrounded you with love. You learned valuable life lessons and who your real friends are. You grew up and out as a person. Your calling or passion was revealed. You became the person you are today.

Take Action: As we think about what we’re thankful for this week, think about the challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame them. Add to your list:

  1. Valuable lessons learned
  1. Friends for life
  1. Confidence you gained in surviving
  1. Callings confirmed

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