Things That Matter

Are you choosing your path or letting the chaotic course of life decide for you? I’m reminded of the butterfly effect. If you’ve ever watched, or tried to catch, a butterfly, you know they flutter around in unpredictable non-patterns. Almost impossible to tell which direction they will go next.

Sometimes our lives can look like the flight of a butterfly to the outside observer. Sometimes it feels like that to us even though we are the ones living it. The deciding factor is choice. We have choices to make every single day. We can intentionally plan our days and spend them on purpose or ride the wave and just hope we accomplish something that matters.

Are you planning your days or riding the waves of whatever life brings your way?

It’s ok either way. My hope is simply to make you aware that you do have a choice and encourage you to use it. There is more to life than surviving our crazy schedules and the relentless tondo lists. There’s a purpose and a grand design we are all a part of. We each have a role to play and get to participate.

Your action item: Choose to accomplish things that matter by having a plan for today.

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