What Story Is Your Life Telling?

We only have one life. Spend it wisely.

Our lives tell a story. In the moment, little choices may not seem like to matter but all those moments add up to the story of our lives. How we spend our moments in each day, our actions, tell a story. Similar to the concept of reviewing where we spend our money to reveal our priorities, we can look at our calendars to see how we spend our time.

We live in a world of no waiting and disposable everything, but the things that matter most are not disposable nor are they acquired in a matter of days like 2-day Prime shipping. Anything worth having takes hard work and usually a fair amount of determination. Your level of commitment will be tested in the little choices we make every day – watch TV or read a book, drink water or Coke, skip the workout or substitute with a 10-minute walk, etc. Any one of these small decisions doesn’t amount to much in a single day. But when you string together multiple decisions, good or bad, over many days, it starts to establish a pattern that moves you in a specific direction. A pattern of decisions over many days turns into months then years. You followed a course that was set by small, daily choices of action. Your life will tell a story of your own making. Why not stop and think about where you want to end up and make decisions that lead in the direction you want to go.

Take Action:

  • What story are your everyday actions telling?
  • What are you doing that will outlive your life?
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