Secret Ingredient To Reach Your Goals

Here we are in a brand new year! All shiny and clean. We are excited to see what the new year will hold, excited about new opportunities and confident about accomplishing big goals. If you’re like me, you may have even carried a few goals over from last year that didn’t quite get finished. In any case, you made your list and put it somewhere visible so you will see it often. So now it’s just a matter of implementation, right? Well, maybe or maybe not. Did you ever wonder why you sometimes keep writing out a few of the same goals but not actually accomplishing them? I have and that’s what I wanted to share with you.

When it comes to goal setting and vision casting, there is a critical step that many of us skip over. Determining the WHY behind your WHAT. It is the fool-proof, life-proof insurance plan for accomplishing goals and brings your chances for success way up.

You’ve probably seen the TED Talk from Simon Sinek, “Start With Why” If you haven’t, it’s totally worth the 5 minutes to check it out.

Motivation only lasts as long as everything is going smooth. But when the going gets tough, shallow motivational techniques and inspirational quotes just won’t do the trick. It takes grit and determination. And that takes strong, gut-level commitment. This is your WHY.  Something along the lines of … provide for my family, buy my mom a new car, have control of my schedule, earn enough money so my hubby has the option to leave the job he hates. What is it for you that makes you keep trying when you feel like giving up? What is it that makes you persevere after you get knocked down again?

Take Action:  Write down your WHY


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3 Replies to “Secret Ingredient To Reach Your Goals”

  1. Very nicely put together , enjoyed the post.

    Being a very big fan of Simon Sinek the post resonated with me….

    As a follow up to the concept of “WHY” I did read the book named “FIND YOUR WHY”.

    This book is a must for those who want to known their own WHY.The concepts provided in the book to explore our WHY is truly fascinating.

    I happened to write a blog on the steps to WHY discovery as mentioned in the book.
    Hope this spreads a word of motivation around.


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