Afraid To Believe

Afraid to Believe

I snuck around for years with my secret longings.  No, it wasn’t anything weird or perverted. My longing was to transition into work I love, to make a living doing something that fits how I am wired and allows me to be who God created me to be.  For years I consumed any and all content about passion, purpose, calling, hearing God, mission, prayer, coaching, spiritual gifts, etc. I knew how to figure out what I am passionate about and identify vocational areas that interest me.  I knew how to set goals and create detailed plans and schedules to reach them. But I never seemed to get past the planning phase. What stopped me? Let me name the top two and see if you can identify:

  1.  Those closest to me did not believe it’s possible to love your work and make much money.  They say, “You can have a passion for your work or make decent money, but not both.”
  2. Fear of failure, of success, of the unknown.  I had so many excuses. What if I hate it and end up miserable?  What if I regret the decision and have to listen to, “I told you so?”  What if I mess it up?

Take action:  What is stopping you? Give it a name. Then get honest about it. Is this really true or are you just making excuses?


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