Feel Stuck? Reframe It

I spent many years in a career feeling like there was something more. Don’t get me wrong. It was a great career. I learned a lot and was privileged to work with some amazing and brilliant people. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that somewhere out there was the perfect fit for me. Over the years, I watched as several people moved on to different opportunities. A few of them seemed to find their “thing.” I stayed where I was and kept growing and learning but still kept my antenna up for a connection or clue to whatever my next “thing” might be. The experience I was accumulating was valuable but compared to my interests and passions, it was not clear how it was preparing me for the next steps.

If you find yourself feeling stuck in your career or maybe just have a nagging feeling that there is another leg to your vocational journey but don’t quite know what it is yet, take heart. There is value in the process. I’d like to share the upside of not loving your day job and/or a few ideas to ponder while you wait to transition to your next thing:

  • Let the unrest drive you to keep exploring ideas and stay on the lookout.
  • Don’t get too comfortable. Your current role allows you to gain valuable experience. Keep learning and growing your skills.
  •  If you feel stuck and unable to climb the career ladder, it might be a signpost. Perhaps your ladder is leaning against the wrong wall?
  • Create a Job Filter.
  • Having a strong, steady income gives you paid time to plan, pays for additional education if needed, provides an opportunity to volunteer for causes that interest you so you can learn more about them.

Take action:  Review the list above for any area you resonate with. Is there an action you need to take?

photo of woman wearing sweater
Photo by Studio 7042 on Pexels.com

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