Do Something You Love AND Make Money

It’s estimated that upwards of 70% of people are unhappy in their jobs. And most people believe you have to choose making money or doing something you love, but not both. But what if you can do both? I don’t have a magic formula but I am doing something I love and getting paid well to do it. I’d like to offer some perspective from my own experience.

First of all, not everyone is meant to be in full-time ministry or work for a nonprofit. However, as a resident of planet earth, we all have a contribution to improve our home and to leave it better than we found it for those that come after us. The contribution we are meant for is directly related to our skills, passions and life experience which translates to the thing you love to do and are uniquely equipped for.

Take Action:  Here are four considerations for doing something you love and making money. If you’re well into your career, you have the first two knocked out and can focus on three and four.

  1. PURSUE a career path, including the degree or training that goes with it. Determine what you are wired for and specialize in that.
  2. Work in your field, gain experience and build your professional network. Then you will be well positioned when the time is right and an opportunity presents itself to apply your skills and passion in an area you feel called to.
  3. Create your job filter so you won’t miss it when the opportunity presents itself and you can confidently step into it at the right time.
  4. Engage in volunteer opportunities or networking groups in your areas of interest. Keep tweaking your job filter along the way. Pay your dues and odds are that eventually, you will have the experience and financial stability to make the leap when the right door opens. Hint:  It still takes courage and faith. Don’t wait for 100% guarantees or you’ll be chasing unicorns the rest of your life!

Unicorn, Cartoon, Blue, Boy Unicorn

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