Easy Steps to Monthly Planning

Review | Celebrate | Keep | Let Go | Revise | Add

  1. Review – look at previous months goals.  Take a look back at your goals and to-do lists from last month.
  2. Celebrate wins – review accomplishments and progress.  Make a WINS and gratitude list of all the items you checked as completed.
  3. Keep relevant goals – decide which ones to recommit to in each life area.  Make a list of goals or action items you still need to work on.
  4. Let go of goals that are no longer relevant.  If you’ve been carrying the same goal forward for more than two months but never completing it, stop and do an honest inventory. Is this a goal that is important to you? Does it align with your long-term vision? Or does it have some striving and coulda-shoulda-woulda in it? Maybe it’s time to park this one and consider letting it go altogether.  You may be surprised at the mental space you can open up for new ideas and better goals when you finally say goodbye to things that are weighing you down.
  5. Revise goals you are carrying forward that need to be changed or updated.  Of the goals you are carrying forward, do they need to be revised in light of new developments or things you let go of?
  6. Add new goals to replace those that were accomplished or removed

**Lifehack:  For an easy annual planning system, replace the word ‘month’ with ‘year’

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