Changing This One Thing Will Get You To Finished!

Are you distracted? …  Wait, what did you say? SQUIRREL!!  But seriously, are you a multi-tasker? If your work style includes checking email and text messages while you work, you may want to re-think it. Did you know it takes between 20-25 minutes to get back on track after a distraction? Plus, research shows that interruptions cause people to work faster trying to compensate for the lost time, adding stress not to mention how it affects the quality of the work.

If you want an instant productivity increase, limit distractions while you’re working or at least during focused work. I like to do time-blocking which puts 2-3 hours of focused work time on my calendar each morning. It’s amazing how much more I can get done in an uninterrupted block. I can do more in 2 hours of focused time then I can all day in a setting of constant interruptions or distractions. If you want to dive into this topic, check out Deep Work by Cal Newport (I’m not an affiliate just love the book).

Convinced to take action?  Block out your project time, normally 1 – 3 hours, and remove all distractions from your workspace. Close your email and calendar apps or turn off updates. Put your phone on silent and/or park it in another room. Close your office door or find a private conference room to work in. For more on time-blocking see Secret Weapon For Doing Big Things

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