How Productive People Keep Their Joy Tank Full

We all know those people who seem to always have things going their way and manage to stay positive. In reality, they have challenges to overcome and difficult people to deal with just like the rest of us. So, how do they do it? How do they keep moving forward and accomplishing big goals in spite of this roller coaster of life? Here is what successful people know:

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never act.

Each day brings possibilities for joy and for hardships. How do you stay motivated when you don’t know what the day may bring? Looking around, there are health concerns, marriages on the brink, job loss, and even death. It’s life and it’s all included. It’s all part of the package. No one is immune.

Contentment and joy are what we all strive for. The only possibility for them is to find a way to connect to them in the midst of the hard stuff because the struggles will always be part of our experience. Life is an endurance test and some days we fight just to get through them.

3 Ways to tap into joy and contentment every day:

  1. Know that you have a purpose in spite of struggles and sadness.
  2. Resist thinking that once you accomplish this or that or reach a certain career level, then you will be happy and enjoy life. This is it. Life is happening. Every moment. Every day is the place where life is happening. Embrace it – whether sadness, heartbreak, joy, peace, sickness, etc.
  3. Learn how to recognized what really matters and what is worth worrying about … and what is not your problem to solve. If it’s not yours, then let it go. Free up your emotional and spiritual space for carrying out your mission.

Knowing our unique mission and living with purpose is how we can keep our joy even when life gets hard. Using our skills and abilities to do what we were put here to do is our purpose. The people and places along our paths uniquely benefit from us doing our thing in the way that only we can.

When you are in a tough spot, remember that someday you will probably look back on this season of life and remember it as the good old days.

Take action:  What is your purpose? In other words, what are you known for? What do you do better or different than anyone else? How would people who know you best finish this sentence?  “If you need someone to _________, then call [your name here].”

Happy, Kids, Boys, Small, Children

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