Think Differently and Be a ‘You’ Person

You’re probably wondering what in the world that means. Let’s start with talking about what a ‘me’ person is. A me person sees the world and makes choices through the filter of:  How will this affect me? How will this benefit me or inconvenience me? Is this good for me? Is this part of my plan?

On the other hand, a ‘you’ person approaches things from the opposite perspective of:  How will this affect or benefit others? How can I use my skills and abilities to help? How can I be of service? But the interesting thing is, being a ‘you’ person is actually way more rewarding and personally fulfilling than trying to look out for #1 all the time. It’s completely counter-intuitive yet somehow makes perfect sense.

And, it’s totally your choice to make. Do you want to be more content, fulfilled and blessed. Try being other’s focused for a day or two and pay attention to how it goes. How it feels. It’s also a great way to discover your calling or what in the world you are here to do, the unique gifts, skills and talents you have to offer. The needs you see around you and the way you see them are unique to your wiring and purpose.

We have opportunities to be a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ person everyday:  At restaurants, in stores, in traffic, at your job, as a parent, spouse, student, group member

Think about people in your circles who are ‘you’ people. Which would you rather be around, live with or work with – a ‘me’ or a ‘you’ person?

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