Breaking Free From What’s Holding You Back

Loose ends are little pieces of things that are not finished. They come in many forms. Papers saved to file or read sometime. Pictures we need to frame. Thoughts about conversations we need to have. Feelings about people or circumstances we aren’t ready to deal with. This is not an exhaustive list but you get the idea. It’s all the pieces and parts of unfinished stuff laying around our physical space and cluttering our soul.

Over time, loose ends accumulate into bigger and bigger piles until we are spending significant time and energy maintaining it, reorganizing it, journaling about it, talking to a therapist about it. We are weighed down by all the stuff and there’s no room for new ideas and no energy to put into them anyway. We take our seats on the sidelines and watch others pursue their big goals and live their happy lives (or so we think, but that’s another story for another time). Maybe we are buying into the social media version of everyone’s success and happiness. We only see the edited highlights but it seems real and perfect from our vantage point and makes us feel like we are failing just the same.

So what do we do with our baggage filled with loose ends? If we keep lugging it around we can’t move forward. We stay stuck. When you’re done with letting loose ends of the unfinished control your days, you CAN break free. But it will require letting go of some old ‘friends’ and decluttering your soul.

For physical clutter, put it away, give it away or throw it away. Rip the bandaid off and be done with it. It’ll be ok. I promise!

For spiritual clutter, do the thing you know you need to do to move on. Forgive. Speak the truth to that person. Set the boundary. Write a letter and burn it. Whatever it is. Just do it already and move on. They probably have, and you’re still miserable and replaying old tapes. Stop giving them that power over you.

Tie up or cut off loose ends. Seize the day!

Take action:  Decide to take action on one loose end at a time until you are free of them.

Gull, Bird, Flying, Orange, Sunset, Sun

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