This Is Your Freedom Day

Happy Independence Day! It’s the birthday of our great nation. What better time to think about what freedom means to you and what makes you feel fully alive and enjoy life? Don’t get pulled into thinking it has to be what commercials or social media tells you it should be. True fulfillment and happiness comes from within and that means you have to define it.

Rather than magnifying what IS NOT, we need to focus on what IS and reframe those things we coulda-shoulda-woulda, but have not yet done. First, decide if we really need to or just want to or, worse, feel like we should. For instance, rather than waking up with all the condemnation of a long list of stuff we still haven’t done, we can choose to think about which things we can work on today. Pick 1-3 things we feel we can accomplish today. Do not put more than 3 things on your list for today! If you accomplish those 3, add more if you want to. But do celebrate your accomplishment of the 3 you set out to do. Train your brain to feel the success and accomplishment of finishing.

Rather than stress about whether we will ever get it done, we need to realize that we will make time for what is important to us. Ask God to direct our priorities and then trust that He will keep bringing us back to the important ones. Our job is to reframe our outlook to confident, capable and content; not stuck, unchallenged and passed over.

We can train our brains to locate and name the positives and be grateful. I am not talking about changing reality, but rather changing self-imposed filters of it. The truth is that our Creator made us just the way He wanted to and equips us through natural talents and abilities, life experiences and gifts to perform and accomplish whatever He made us to do. Therefore we are capable and should be confident and content in knowing we can do whatever comes because He planned it that way.

As the laundry list of to-do’s come at us, we can reframe how we process each one. First decide if it is a have-to or a want-to. Then decide to take action on it if needed. Keep your mission at the top of your awareness, and when it starts to fade – go after it again. When necessary, come apart from worldly activities and reconnect to what really matters.

Take aways:

  • Define what fulfillment and true happiness is for you.
  • Focus on what is, not what might have been or what should be.
  • Pick 1-3 things you feel you can accomplish today and do them.
  • Ask God to direct you and make time for what is truly important.
  • Train your brain to locate and be grateful for the positive.
  • Reconnect to what really matters.

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