Decluttering Your Mind With This Daily Practice

Choosing to be content where we are makes the difference between always being preoccupied with what we should be doing and enjoying an uncomplicated, fulfilling life with our family and friends. We can stay on the treadmill of continuously striving and comparing our lives with everyone else’s highlight reels or we can look around and notice how blessed we are. Pausing to recognize all that is right in our world can transform our day and, if practiced regularly, our whole lives.

We have all that we need, not necessarily all we want. We will accomplish everything appointed for us to do in good time. We don’t have to get there fast or first, it’s not a race. Whatever is ours to do, we can do. What is required is a clear connection to our calling and mission which we can only achieve by slowing down and quieting our spirit to perceive God’s still, small voice. He will not shout over the racket of our lives. We have to settle down and listen.

Are you listening?

Take action:  Set a timer for 2 minutes and just breathe. Don’t think. Don’t strive or write your to-do list. Just be. And breathe. Next, set it for 2 more minutes and articulate what you are stuck on or need help with. Be still for 2 more minutes. Did anything become clear? If not, it’s ok. It helps more than we realize just to allow our thoughts to settle and clear. Keep practicing stillness and quieting your mind. Repeat as needed.

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