Overcome This and Be Happy

Is this really all there is? Lately, I seem to be asking myself this question all the time. Well, not out loud but it’s always running in the back of my mind. And the answer is, well, yeah. Pretty much this is it. I know. Not exactly the answer you expected. At first, I had the same reaction but then I spent some time with it. I thought a lot about what ‘this’ is. ‘This’ is now. ‘This’ is whatever our present reality is. But most importantly, I have the ability to decide what ‘this’ is through my choices, attitude and actions. And so do you.

By changing the way we think, we can change our ‘this’. Every choice we make and action we take influences our tomorrows. Our attitudes [expectations] are great predictors of what we actually get.

‘This’ really is all there is and whatever that means is completely up to each one of us.

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