Say It With Me, NO!

The problem is not coming up with a good idea. The problem is we are drowning in good ideas. If you’re like me and you have squirrel syndrome, you see cool stuff every day and want to try everything! And when I’m super busy, I love to explore new things I’d like to do or try as a diversion. That can’t be good, right? Or is that just me?

The muscle we need to build is the ‘NO’ muscle, including telling ourselves no. We say yes when we want to say no, or when we know we should say no. Sometimes we want to say yes so badly that we do and then convince ourselves we can squeeze one more thing into the chaos that is our life. Somehow we make it work or so we think until we hit the wall and crash. The crazy thing is, we create this mess with our inability to say no.

Here’s the truth:  Saying yes to everything is the same as saying yes to nothing.  If you try to keep all the plates spinning, sooner or later they will all hit the floor.

Take action:  What do you need to say no to to make room for the more important stuff?

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