Listen To Your Inner Joy And Be Happier

Don’t disregard that feeling of simply looking forward to a thing or being excited about it. No really, I’m serious. It’s one of those things you take for granted until it’s missing and you can’t get it back. I went for years not looking forward to much of anything and desperately trying to remember what I liked to do when I wasn’t working. Like so many women, when I had kids, being their mom became my identity. Combine that with a full-time professional career, and I didn’t really have time to stop and think about hobbies or what I want to do this weekend. The days were packed with activities and years slipped by until I reached the season when my kids were grown and starting their own journeys. Suddenly, they didn’t need much of my time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool to wake up on Saturday and just do whatever you feel like…for a while. But that gets old and I realized I really didn’t have a purpose for my time anymore. This is also cool because it gave me a chance to try new things, but after a while it kinda weirded me out when I still didn’t have anything I really wanted to do or looked forward to. What to do?

I love to learn, I love the idea of school and I love studying theology. One day I was flipping through the Community Education paper and I noticed a theology program offered at my local community college. It meets one night a week and I can work toward a master’s degree in theology. Leading up to it I found myself smiling when I talked about it. Every time I thought of the upcoming class, I had this strange feeling come over me. It took me awhile to recognize this feeling. It was joy. I was actually excited and looking forward to going back to school. This is truly just for me. I am a few classes into it now and I love it! I think I love having something to look forward to as much as anything. I am filled with a sense of gratitude for the simplicity of learning and working toward a new goal and a topic I am very interested in.

So don’t take it for granted if you have hobbies or interests you look forward to. Not everyone does. And if this is missing for you right now, don’t give up looking for your ‘thing’. It’s out there. Keep looking!

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