Why You Need a Personal Advisory Board

Is there a big dream you want to pursue?

Do you want to make a big change?

Need to walk through some pain from your past?

How do you identify toxic people in your life and set healthy boundaries?

These questions may seem completely unrelated and for the most part, they are! But one thing they have in common is this:  to do any of them you need accountability. A community of support. Not just Facebook friends or Instagram followers, I mean real, living, breathing, seen you without makeup kind of friends. Also, unlike Facebook or Instagram this is not a numbers game. There is no prize for the most likes. One true friend is worth more than anything in life. If you can cultivate 2-3 strong friendships with wise people who stand with you through thick and thin, hold onto them. They are golden. I like to think of this as your personal advisory board, and you should be on theirs.

A personal advisory board will hold you accountable to your goals, encourage you to keep trying, be there when you’re broken and call you out when you’re in denial or just full of crap. The picture I shared is so precious to me and are a few of the wise, godly sisters I am honored to call friends. What a powerhouse of godly women these are! It was taken the night we saw the movie Overcomer together. This is so appropriate because we are a group of over-comers. We have walked through some hard stuff, cried, celebrated victories and even belly laughed together.  Connections like this are what make life rich and they are priceless.

Take action:  Who is on your personal advisory board? Be intentional about cultivating these deep friendships and letting them know how much you appreciate their impact on your life.

Curious to know a little more about these lovely ladies? Come back next week for some introductions.

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