Meet Rhonda From My Personal Advisory Board


As promised last week, here is the first introduction to one of my personal advisory board members, Rhonda Gould. She has enriched my life in so many ways. She is a connector, mentor and a coach. So many women have met because of Rhonda’s commitment to creating communities for friendship and accountability to flourish. In the picture she is the first one on the left.

  • Name and organization or ministry:  Rhonda Gould – Organization or ministry, that is still a mystery to me. God is still revealing it to me piece by piece.

  • How we met:  Met several years ago at a celebration and gathering for a mutual friend who was suffering with cancer and the more recently got together again at Celebrate Recovery sharing about some common life struggles.

  • What is your organization or ministry’s mission? God put in my heart many years ago, as a young child, that my dream was to be a counselor. That dream was halted by “life” but I seemed to always find myself in that role of a lay counselor and mentor. I have had my own life struggles of many kinds so I found myself pulled to those who are struggling. God has amazed me with how HE has walked with me and carried me at times through my own struggles, revealing to me a better way. I believe that is what He is asking me to do for others by being His hands and feet.

  • What was the inspiration to start your ministry or organization? What broke your heart for this cause? As God was showing me who I am, I began feeling the deep pain of understanding the struggle of others. As I was recognizing this, my heart broke. My heart broke because I understood that if people only knew how much their God loved them and they leaned heavy into that love then the pain they were currently traveling through would be easier to bare.

  • Who do you serve? Who is your ideal client?  My focus is on women of all ages. Age is not a factor when she is dealing with heart ache. I also feel like what God has shown me would be beneficial in the work place. Providing relational direction for employers & employees so that quality works is achieved while still providing a quality work environment. If the employees are generally happier, the work improves and the employee goes home less stressed, prepared to give themselves to their families.

  • What pain point or problem do you solve? Relationships with God & others, we all need it.

  • How do you help them? What are your services? Listening mainly, and then helping them discover the next step that is right for them.

  • What’s next for you organization or ministry? Allowing God to provide my next step is where I wake up each day.

  • What’s next for you personally? I’m excited to be taking this next step. It’s been in process for many years. I believe but God has revealed to me the exact avenue for it. I’m happy to begin my next journey in the study of becoming a Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach. For me, I believe that this is where He has been leading me all along. I have the life experiences so I have empathy and compassion in identifying the struggle but He has shown me the need to move forward and use that pain to achieve a brighter future.

  • How can people find you for more information? Rhonda Gould I have a blog page at and my email address is on that page where you can reach me for further information.

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