Simple Bliss

Are you chasing it? Working hard to get there? Saving up for someday? Happiness – when we get to do what we really want to instead of what we have to.

Question:  If you could do whatever you wanted, what would it be? What is it you really want to make you happy? Do you know?

More often than not, we hold this big unknown thing out there for someday and we aren’t even clear on what IT is.  We just keep working, striving, saving for something and someday.

So here’s the big secret:  Interrupt the busy and nail down the big something. Just knowing will bring you a sense of peace. Do you dream of traveling? Or hiking? Or volunteering with your favorite cause? Maybe you just want to spend a couple hours each morning with a good book and your favorite cup of coffee. There is joy found in looking forward to the destination, not to mention motivation to get there faster. And chances are, it’s not one big IT, but rather a way of living that includes specific elements. And that usually means you can have some of your big something all along the way to someday. Why wait? You can start adding at least some of the elements now. But here’s the thing, you can only add them if you know what they are. You can only know what they are by slowing down the busy long enough to let your mind wander.

Take action:  Make some appointments with yourself and create some brain space. Ask yourself what you really want. What is the big something you hope to have someday? Be intentional about incorporating bits of the something into your present reality.

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