Meet Deanie From My Personal Advisory Board

Meet Deanie Cinnamon! (3rd from left in picture) She is another of my personal advisory board members. Deanie has been in my life for many years. God initially crossed our paths at a critical season in my life. I was on a career climbing path at work and mom of a toddler and a teenager. I was tired and worn. Add some teenager stuff to the mix. I was at my breaking point and was desperate as to what to do. She taught me how to pray and opened my eyes to understand my role as a praying mom. It is impossible to quantify or explain her role in changing the course of my family’s story. Generational cycles of pain and lies have been broken because of Deanie’s willingness to point me to the truth of who I am and the destiny I am called to fulfill.

  1. Name of organization or ministry – Praybizz

  2. How we met – We worked at the same company where we met. 

  3. What is your organization or ministry’s mission? – Our passion is bringing God into the workplace

  4. What was the inspiration to start your ministry or organization? What broke your heart for this cause? – My season at a Fortune 500 company where the leadership operated on principles of greed and usury. I saw so many hearts and lives broken – good people who were not treated with dignity and respect.

  5. Who do you serve? Who is your ideal client?  I serve anyone who wants to advance their business or career.

  6. What pain point or problem do you solve? – Cash flow issues, legal problems, debt, customer or employee loyalty, advancement of career goals.

  7. How do you help them? What are your services? – I help people put more of God in their business so He can put more of of His business in them. Our service is the business of prayer.

  8. What’s next for you organization or ministry? – Expanding to satellite organizations similar to a franchise so others can establish their own Praybizz network and relationships.

  9. What’s next for you personally? – My first webinar as an invited subject matter expert on prayer

  10. How can people find you for more information?

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