Progress Not Perfection

Here I am in this spot again with 3-4 projects in an almost finished state. I love starting and working through an idea. I get all the content together and am almost to the point of buttoning it up, and then it happens. I don’t finish. Something about putting the final touches on and then actually releasing the thing out into the world just stops me in my tracks. What inevitably happens is it will stay on my to do list for weeks but I never quite find time to get back to it. Meanwhile, the pull of newer, shinier ideas takes over and I am off and running on different things.
Perfectionism.  It is the common thread that runs through the list of all my unfinished projects. No matter how much I work on it, I can’t quite push the ‘done’ button. Almost, but not quite ready is the longest list in my book of lists. If you’re like me with this, take heart. I think I have some encouragement for both of us. It is a simple mindset shift. Progress not perfection. Take a step, no matter how small to keep moving on a stalled project. It is magical how a tiny action can move even the most stuck thing just enough. Before you know it, you are off and running again. So if you’re avoiding or procrastinating on something because it’s past the fun part and you just don’t feel like finishing, just do one thing each day. Keep at it. Identify one thing and complete it. I bet you will soon discover you’re finished!

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