Create a Plan for 2020!

2020 is almost here. Are you letting your perfectionism keep you from being ready? Oh wait, that’s me. Never fear. You closer to ready than you realize. Set aside 2 hours and work through this simple goal-setting process. Go somewhere other than home and work and you’ll find it much easier.

3-step process to clarify your goals for 2020

  1. REFLECT:  Take 20-30 minutes to recognize and celebrate what you accomplished in 2019. Don’t make it hard. You know the drill. Get a clean sheet of paper or open a blank note and make a list. Don’t try to remember everything. We are going for highlights here. This is about noticing that you did accomplish a lot of important things this year, not a performance review.Result, Excuse Me, Failure, Inability To
  2. STRATEGIZE:  Spend an hour to think and dream. Get some coffee and have a strategy session with yourself.  This is a rough draft. Make a list. You can rework and reorder it later.  I like to use post-it notes so I can move them around later. And it makes categorizing and prioritizing much easier.
  3. PRIORITIZE:  30 minutes for the home stretch. Literally, get up and stretch between step 2 and step 3. Remember, you can do anything you want to do but you can’t do everything and you can only do one thing at a time. Pick the one that you are most energized about, that will move the needle most on reaching your big goals. So, pick 1 goal to work on first. This is your priority. Move this post-it note to the top of its own list or section header. Set the rest aside for now. When the top priority is complete, go back to the list and pick the next most important goal. Assign time frames to each main goal. I like to work in quarters or 3-month chunks but it depends on the size of the goal and what works for you. If it is longer than a quarter you should consider breaking into multiple smaller goals.

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