Positive Social Media Resolution

Did you see what she posted? It’s a question that often ends in reading negative, sarcastic or downright insulting content designed to get a reaction. If we’re all being honest most of us have done it or at least wanted to really bad. In the moment it just feels good to lash out a little but that’s not who we really want to be. At least we can all agree that using personal insults to make a point are beneath us, right? At this point in my life, I also feel a responsibility to be a better role model. I was inspired by the negative to do something positive. And so I resolved that I will be very intentional to only post or share positive, encouraging, or edifying content.  I can’t control what others do but I can do my part to clean up the growing garbage dump on social media.

After the latest “did you see” experience, I pondered what I can control and what I can’t. Completely remove social media apps? Tempting but not realistic since I have to be on there for work. But what can I do to avoid seeing the negative stuff while staying connected?  Here are the strategies I came up with to take control of what inputs I allow to influence me.

Positive Social Media Resolution – Rules:

  1. Resolve to only post or share positive, encouraging, useful or edifying content.
  2. Block content on your feeds from anyone who breaks Rule #1. You can unfollow someone to stop seeing their posts in your feed, without unfriending them. To unfollow someone, go to their profile, hover over Following and then scroll down to select Unfollow. Friends won’t know if you’ve chosen to unfollow them.
  3. Focus on the facts, skip the opinions, whether you are reading or creating content. Keep in mind there are real people on the other end.
  4. Conserve your energy by filtering your interaction on social media to focus on what you have influence over and align with your priorities.
  5. Read or listen to more positive and true content daily than negative or subjective content. Please don’t allow social media to be the first thing you take in upon waking.

Sometimes the best rule is the simplest. Maybe Mom was onto to something when she said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

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