Don’t Trust What You See

I don’t always trust what I see and hear because I know what is possible in terms of real and lasting change in a person’s life. Then there are feelings. I have learned to trust what I feel least of all. Emotions are so fickle and negatively affected by almost everything, including but not limited to hunger, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, job stress, relationships, the last social media post you read or news headlines. 

What we can trust is the timeless truth of God’s Word, our own testimony of grace, accomplishments, blessings, our identity in Christ and our purpose for being here. So when someone is speaking negatively or you get discouraged by what you see or the lack of results, don’t buy into it. This is fear mentality. God’s purpose will prevail. Stay the course. Remind yourself of all the things that are trustworthy. Grab your journal and review the wins and learning you have experienced already.

Take five and just breathe. Listen to what your body, mind and spirit are trying to tell you. Are you tired, stressed, hungry? Sometimes the most effective use of your time is to take a break and replenish. Now is not the time to power through it. Sometimes the quickest path is to slow down for a bit and take care of yourself.

Feel better? When you’ve taken time to address whatever is stealing your mojo, then and only then should you resume your usual 90-mile-an-hour pace.


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