Overcome This and Be Happy

Is this really all there is? Lately, I seem to be asking myself this question all the time. Well, not out loud but it's always running in the back of my mind. And the answer is, well, yeah. Pretty much this is it. I know. Not exactly the answer you expected. At first, I had the …


This Is Your Freedom Day

What better time to think about what freedom means to you and what makes you feel fully alive and enjoy life? Don't get pulled into thinking it has to be what commercials or social media tells you it should be. True fulfillment and happiness comes from within and that means you have to define it. 

5 Thankfuls

I picked up a good habit a few months ago. I heard the idea on one of the dozen or so podcasts I regularly listen to, not sure which but here is my simplified version. I don't even write it down so it's super easy. Because I keep it simple, it sticks and now it's …