How To Create a Plan for 2023

2023 is here. Are you letting your perfectionism keep you from progress? Never fear. You closer to accomplishments than you realize. Set aside 2 hours and work through this simple goal-setting process. Go somewhere other than home and work and you'll find it much easier. May I suggest your local coffee shop or library? 3-step …


Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the different areas of life or just with your job or finances or family demands? Are you to do lists stacking up to the ceiling? I am right there with you! I have so many tasks swirling around I feel completely stuck. When we reach this point of stuckness …

This Is Your Freedom Day

What better time to think about what freedom means to you and what makes you feel fully alive and enjoy life? Don't get pulled into thinking it has to be what commercials or social media tells you it should be. True fulfillment and happiness comes from within and that means you have to define it.