Nicole Las VegasI guess you could say I’m a serial figure-outer. I have struggled my whole life with feeling stuck, like I was in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing with the wrong people. From a deep-rooted sense of rejection grew all kinds of insecurities about significance, confidence and competence. We don’t need to talk about how the rejection happened right now, but I know that most if not all of us struggle with it. Right? The thing is that mindset, or whatever you want to call it, left unchecked will stop you from being who you’re meant to be and doing what you’re meant to do. I am obsessed with replacing negative patterns with productive habits. I have found that the key ingredient to lasting change and reaching your big goals is finding your WHY. If you don’t know why you want to accomplish something, you won’t make it through the challenges and the battles that are bound to come. I love helping you figure out your what AND your why so you can live each day with joy and fulfillment doing what really matters to you.

About me:  I’m married to Michael, mom to Jayme and Jess. We live in beautiful KY. I am the Chief Operations Officer at Refuge for Women (www.RefugeForWomen.org) and Leadership Coach, trained through Professional Christian Coaching Institute’s Leadership Coaching program. I have a BS from the University of KY in electrical engineering and worked in the tech industry as an engineer and engineering manager in compliance engineering.


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