Living Without Regrets

More insight from last week’s book review of The One Thing.  It might just be the single biggest obstacle each of us faces when we try to pursue our most-wanted goals and desires in life.  REGRET.  See if this resonates with you.  You start to feel the tiniest sense of satisfaction or contentment, and BOOM! Regret can smell it and comes flooding in to steal it before it gets too big or you actually feel accomplished.  Regret whispers in your ear about all your mistakes and how you don’t really ‘deserve’ to be happy or successful anyway.  It’s so gross.  I don’t like to talk about it any more than the next person but we have to get it out in the open and shine some light on it to have any hope of squelching it so we can actually pursue a life doing what matters most.  Moving on… let’s talk about the truth of the matter rather than letting regret run the show.

“A life worth living is one with no regret.” (The One Thing)

These are the 5 most common regrets of people surveyed who were close to finishing their race of life. 

  1. Not letting myself be happier
  2. Not staying in touch with friends
  3. Not expressing my feelings
  4. Working too hard
  5. Not having courage to live a life true to myself rather than the life others expected of me (unfulfilled dreams and hopes)

Take Action:  Which one of the above do you struggle with the most? Take some time to really think about it and make some changes to eliminate this regret from your list when you reach the finish line.

“Success is an inside job – put yourself together and your world fall into place.” (The One Thing)

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