New Year, New Plan

Like a blank sheet of paper, the beginning of a new year is an invitation to redirect, restart or create something new. We get a chance to review our goals and accomplishments from last year. We can celebrate the wins, process challenges, and maybe even mourn some losses. Next, we can write new goals for this year. It is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate unfinished goals.

Before you move forward, it is important to sweep out the clutter and start fresh. Carry over goals that you did not quite finish but are still working on. Do you have any goals that stalled out? Or maybe you have one or two that never really got started? Now is the time for some brutal self-reflection for those goals that have not moved in a while, or at all.

Is it time to admit these are not really things you want to do or have for yourself? Sometimes, we end up with shoulda-coulda-woulda things on our to-do lists out of some sense of obligation or a need to please others. If you cannot connect a ‘why’ to a goal, it is not likely to happen. You may feel obligated to keep carrying it forward on your list, but in reality, there is simply no motivation to make it happen. A perpetually unfinished goal creates a perception of failure and drains your limited creative energy. Uninspired, unfinished goals lead to feelings of overwhelm and may very likely prevent progress on all of your goals.

While it seems harmless to have an item or two riding along on your goals list, they have the potential to completely derail progress on the purposeful work you desire to accomplish. These little poison pills must either be completed or removed from your plan ASAP! Carefully review each of your goals alongside the vision of what you want to be, do and have. If they do not contribute to this vision, they are holding you back. Get rid of them and do not let them take up your precious time or headspace a moment longer.

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