Is Your To-do List Moving You Toward Your Goals?

You probably have tons of items on your to-do list but how do you know if a task is worth your time? Here is how you can check: Does it move you toward one of your goals? Is specific enough? Here is a quick checklist to make sure it includes the what, when, where, who and why:

  • What do you want to do?
  • By when? Set a date and time.
  • Where? Is there a specific location involved?
  • Who? Do you need to talk to anyone or ask for help?
  • Why are you doing it? Clearly articulate which one of your goals it is tied to.

If you can check all the boxes then you have a solid task to add to your to-do list.  To determine if the task belongs on your daily top 3 or your monthly list, use these criteria:

  • Does it absolutely need to be done today?
  • Can you actually complete it by the end of the day? If not, you may need to break it down into smaller steps.
  • Do you already have your top 3 to-do’s for today? If so, which one can you move to another day in order to add this one to today?
  • Can it wait? Should it wait?

Once you have completed your daily top 3, don’t forget to stop and acknowledge your accomplishment. It may seem silly but remember, great accomplishments happen by systematically achieving a whole bunch of small steps in the same direction.


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