Got Goals?

Or maybe that should be … Got Goals But No Progress?

journalingThe path to success does not usually happen through a big breakthrough, but usually by slow and consistent action toward your goals.

Consistency unleashes powerful progress.

Are you ready to see some success?

  • Narrow your focus by choosing just one goal to work on first
  • Break that goal down into smaller tasks by working backward
  • Make your goal more specific by defining the what by when:  For example, lose 10 lbs. by June 30th
  • Break specific goals into smaller tasks:  If you have 8 weeks total then lose 1.25 lbs. per week
  • What do you control?  Exercise, calorie intake and quality of calorie of intake
  • Based on what you can control, pick some actions:  create a weekly menu, exercise schedule, make a shopping list, go to the store, keep a food/exercise journal
  • Check-in:  weigh-in weekly, review food and exercise journal AND give yourself a grade
  • Review progress regularly and make adjustments to your plan, life happens so give yourself a break

Take action:  What goal do you need to focus on to have maximum forward progress?




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