The Joy Rules

Rules To Live By

Like it or not, thoughts control our outcomes. Thoughts create expectations and interpretations about our experiences. What happens is less important that our thoughts about what happens. For real. The way you choose to think about an event goes a long way in determining if you remember it positively or negatively. For example,

  1. Don’t compare. Keep my eyes on my own life and God’s direction for me. I might choose to fast from social media or other forms of electronic input as a way to detox my mind and refocus on what really matters to me.
  2. Focus on my blessings, not on the hurts and disappointments. We all have a tendency to replay the negative stuff but the truth is we have a lot more going right than wrong. See #6 and review your gratitude list as a reminder of your blessings.
  3. Review wins and accomplishments. Reframe failures and mistakes into lessons learned.
  4. Forgive and don’t forget. Take a daily inventory of offenses and frustrations. Then make a daily forgiveness list, including forgiving myself. Forgiveness releases  me from the offense’s control over and allows me to heal or move on.  But I need to remember the lessons learned to avoid repeating mistakes or to uphold relational boundaries.
  5. Be present. Eliminate hurry and be give my full attention to the moment, noticing my surroundings. Driving home a different way or trying a new restaurant can help if I am in a rut of sameness.
  6. Be grateful. Form a daily practice of listing 3-5 things I am thankful for. Get creative. Try to list different things each day.

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