Be Happier By Living Intentionally

A little about me … In a nutshell I am a prodigal child who has come home, spiritually speaking. It is so awesome to look back and see that God was always by my side, just waiting for me to turn to Him. He had a plan all along. All that I went through prepared me for what was ahead and what it still to come. Not that I would want to experience any of it again, but nothing is wasted.

One thing I know is that no matter what we go through, there is a reason and a plan associated with it. What we do with our experiences is up to us but everything is woven together into a unique story. I have learned that we each have a part in the master plan. The way we are put together and experience life is not like anyone else. We are made to have an impact on this world, a unique imprint, and that is our spiritual fingerprint. No two are the same. And that’s my thing, I love seeing all the spiritual fingerprints around me and how they all fit together into the bigger story.

Are you living intentionally or just drifting along to see where you end up? I hope you choose to be intentional and find your way to a wonderfully fulfilling life. Because being intentional is the way to fulfillment. Where are you drifting? Wherever you are in your journey, I look forward to connecting with you along the way.

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